Anaemia Disorder; Symptoms & Causes

What is Anaemia Disorder?

Low Haemoglobin leads to decreased oxygen carrying capacity of blood hence compromising the functional capabilities of body; such a state is called as Anaemia or Anaemia Disorder in medical terminology. All systems of body from head to toe are affected. anemia

In most of the cases a marginal fall in Haemoglobin remains un-noticed. Gradually one starts feeling easy fatigability and lethargy, few people start feeling lack of interest and incentive in routine work. At this stage most of the people feel change in their health status but deny consultation and try to adjust life with a bit self modified life style.  With a further fall in Haemoglobin one develops pallor of skin, and breathlessness on mild exertion .Most of the people realize at this stage that they are suffering some serious health problem. In case of further delay, they can develop heart failure.

How do you recognize Anaemia?

Generally progressive pallor is the first sign of Anaemia, however the initial presentation of Anaemia varies from person to person. Most of the people with Anaemia feel easy fatigability, breathlessness on mild exertion, burning sensation of hands and feet, burning tongue while having a little spicy food, a rapid and shaking heart beat, emotional upsets and low mood. In certain specific types of Anaemia brittleness of nails, hair fall, difficulty in swallowing and beefy appearance of tongue is noticed. In case if you find swelling on feet or ankles and breathlessness in late night you must hurry  in consulting the doctor.

How to prevent Anaemia?

Eat well, sleep well and spare at lease one hour for exercise. At times you  may require multivitamin and iron supplements. Women in child bearing age should take multivitamin and iron supplements however it is better to consult a doctor, and get your Haemoglobin checked.

Is it a serious disorder?

Yes, but not always, it depends up on the cause of Anaemia. Mostly Anaemia is due to some kind of nutritional deficiency and can be treated by supplementing the deficient vitamin or mineral.  In case if Anaemia develops due to some defect by birth it is usually serious. Many of the Anaemias of early infancy and childhood fall in this group. Among the Anaemias caused by some defect acquired after birth  nutritional deficiency Anaemia is the most common type, however Anaemia can be associated with many of the longstanding  disorders, liver disease, kidney disease, bleeding disorders, cancers including blood cancer, and  diseases associated with bone marrow (where blood is formed) failure.

How to investigate?

In most of the cases a simple blood test for Haemoglobin measurement gives you the fair idea of your Haemoglobin. Usually required level of haemoglobin according to gender is mentioned against your result. In case of low Haemoglobin it is wise to consult a doctor or haematologis who will investigate further to find out  the cause of Anaemia and will advise you the treatment

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