Sugar or Diabetes Mellitus (DM) & Kidney Failure

What is Diabetes Mellitus

Sugar or Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is an extremely common disease of our society. Each coming year in increasing the number of DM. Uncontrolled blood sugar level often leads to disturbance in kidney functions.

Sign & Symptoms

The sign & symptoms of kidney disease with DM are so subtle, that they are often ignored by both treating physician & the patients. Here we are going to enumerate few of signs & symptoms of kidney disease in DM.

  1. Swelling around feet & eyes
  2. Sallow Complexion
  3. Frothing in wine
  4. Usually decrease in urine output. But occasionally it can be either normal or increase because of associated uncontrolled sugar.
  5. Decrease appetite
  6. Generalized Malaise
  7. Shortness of breath
  8. Pruritus
  9. Altered Sleep Patterns

* Then there are so many signs which are to learned by physicians only & are beyond the scope of this article, which is meant for general public.

Kidney Size

Diabetes Mellitus and Kidney FailureIn DM Kidney size remains normal, so ultrasonography is usually normal. This may falsely assume an individual & some precious time may be left. Urine examination shows proteinuria which usually depicts as Pr+++ in urine report. Even in the absence of proteinuria like that in urine, which is one test which can predict renal status months or years before major disturbance has started. This test is called “Urine Microalbuminuria”

Eye Problem

One interesting fact is that Kidney disturbance goes hands in hand with eye problems. There is test called Fundoscopy, which screens the patient for DM associated eye damage. Vision can be normal despite of major disease which can suddenly appear & make an blind.


There are so many drugs which, if instituted at proper time carefully can halt the progression of kidney failure.

Time is critical, so if you have any signs or symptoms you must contact a nephrologist as soon as possible. This can avoid major problems in near future.

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