Diabetic Pregnancy may create complications

Diabetic Pregnancy may create complications. Learn to manage it…


What is diabetes?

It is condition in which the amount of sugar or glucose in the blood is too high.


What are the different types of diabetes?

Three type of diabetes can complicate pregnancy.

Type I and Type II diabetes are conditions that are present before pregnancy whereas gestational diabetes develops during pregnancy and goes away after delivery.


Does diabetes increase the risk of complications in pregnancy?

Diabetes if poorly controlled increases the risk of complications for the mother and the baby during pregnancy, however if the sugar level remains normal during pregnancy the rate of complications in diabetic pregnant women is the same as that of rest of the general population.


What is the difference between type I and type II diabetes?

  1. In type I diabetes insulin production by the pancreas is either nil or very low so that a normal level of glucose in the blood can’t be maintained.
  2. In type II diabetes insulin is produced in adequate amount but its function is impaired hence it cannot exert its effects.


  1. Type I diabetes develops in early life either in childhood or adolescence, that’s why it is also called early onset diabetes.
  2. Type II diabetes mostly develops after 40 years and is called late onset diabetes.


  1. Patients with type I diabetes will require insulin injections to control their blood sugar level as they do not produce insulin in the body.
  2. Patients with type II diabetes can be treated with oral medicines to control blood glucose level. These medicines increase the recreation of insulin from the pancreas and also improves its effectiveness on the organs on which it acts.


  • Complications during pregnancy are more commonly seen in patients with type I and type II diabetes as compared to gestational diabetes as they are long standing conditions.


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