Dialysis can be stopped

The field of Nephrology (Kidney Disease Treatment with Medicine) is often misunderstood. These are so many myths in this field. One of the most famous myths is “If dialysis starts once, it will continue life long.”

Dialysis can be stopped!

Those doctors who have seen nephrology management know very well that it is not true. Dialysis has multiple forms.

  1. Hemodialysis (Through Blood)
  2. Peritoneal Dialysis (Through Abdomen)
  3. CVVHD*
  4. CVVHF*
  5. CVVHDF*

* These varieties are for those patients who are unstable in terms of BP or Cardiac issues.

All of these varieties are meant to save life & “NONE” of them is an addition to human body.

These are hundreds of situations in which any of these dialysis modalities can be used temporarily followed by complete or partial recovery. I personally have hundreds of patients who got dialysed once or few times and now are living a normal life off dialysis.

” The real catch is the cause of renal failure!

Common causes of Renal Failure normal and infected kidneys

  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Acute kidney injury by Dehydration
  • Acute Kidney injury by toxic insult
  • Sepsis (Infections)
  • Cardio renal Syndrome
  • Rhabdomyolysis
  • Acute Interstitial Nephritis & many more.

All these causes are potentially reversible & having encouraging results with proper management.

  • On the other hand of Kidneys are having a long standing disease which has led to shrunken kidneys. These patients are more likely to develop lifelong need of hemodialysis.
  • Renal failure with Diabetes Mellitus (Sugar) is rather different. Even when the patient is having complete loss of kidney functions kidneys tend to remain normal sized.

The important message that everyone should know is hemodialysis is a helping modality & I personally say “It is a bridge that you have to cross in order to get better.”

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