How to keep Kidneys Healthy – Take it seriously!

There is a dramatic increase in number of patients with kidney diseases in the last two decades. There are number of factors responsible for that. Let us discuss How to keep Kidneys Healthy!

Factors responsible for Kidney diseases

  • Increase in number of diabetic patients
  • Increase in prevalence of Hypertension
  • Increase use of Pain Killers
  • Hakeem medicine
  • Non-pure nutrition… Addition of toxic material in spices & other eatables
  • Synthetic Milk
  • Chemical preservatives for Vegetables & Fruits
  • Sedentary Lifestyle

* There are so many more technical aspects of medical treatment, for other issues which are contributory to Kidney failure are beyond the scope of this article.

If we take these issues on by one, thing will be easy to understand & comply with.

Sugar or Diabetes Mellitus

Sugar or Diabetes Mellitus is the leading cause of renal failure. Meticulous control of sugar level is essential to keep your Kidneys healthy. It is also important to check Urinary Micro-albuminuria every 6 months. As this simple & low cost test can predict kidney problem, well before there is substantial damage. It is often ignored by Primary care physicians.

Hypertension control

Hypertension control & use of proper drugs is extremely important in long term. Hypertension is a specialty of Nephrologist. All hypertension patients must take opinion from a Nephrologist once per year. Low Salt intake is the 2nd most important thing in this regard.

Pain Killers

Pain killers used must be minimized. If pain killers are unavoidable then Kidney friendly pain killers are available. General physician & people in general need to educate regarding that issue too. I personally think it should be done as a campaign, which may be funded on a public-private partnership basis.

Hakeem Medicine

Hakeem-medicine used by inexperienced & sometimes even experienced hakeems lead to Kidney failure. I personally see, almost on a daily basis, victims of these medicines.

Non-pure nutritional products

Non-pure nutritional products & spices are very commonly available in the markets. We need to be vigilant to choose the best & pure food to save our kidneys. Chemical preservatives used to keep the vegetables & fruits saved for longer period of time are often toxic to general public.


Lifestyle to keep Kidneys Healthy

Lifestyle modifications are important to keep Kidneys Healthy. Just few steps to healthy life are;

  • Walk at-least for 25 minutes daily
  • Take Plenty of Water
  • Low Salt
  • Avoid excessive use of beef
  • If you have a medical problem, take it seriously.


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